Date: 2 Nov 2:45-3:45

Dr William Lo, JP
– Founding Governor of Charles K Kao Foundation for Alzheimer’s Disease and The ISF Academy
– Chairman of Da Z Group


Dr. William Wing-Yan LO, JP is currently the Founder & Chairman of Da Z Group Co. Limited. Dr Lo is a Founding Governor of the Charles K Kao Foundation for Alzheimer’s Disease as well as The Independent Schools Foundation Academy, one of the most well-known independent schools in HK. He has also been the Chairman of Junior Achievement Hong Kong since 2013.

Dr Lo started his business career at McKinsey & Company and had subsequently held various top management posts at HK Telecom, Cable & Wireless plc, Citibank, WPP plc, China Unicom, I.T Limited, South China Media Group andKidsland International Holdings Ltd. He is renowned for being the founder of Netvigator, the largest Internet business in Hong Kong, as well as iTV (the predecessor of NowTV), the first interactive and on-demand TV service in the world back in the 90’s.

Dr. Lo obtained a MPhil degree in Molecular Pharmacology and a PhD degree in Genetic Engineering/Neuroscience, both from Cambridge University, UK. In 1996, he was selected as a “Global Leader for Tomorrow” by the Davos-based renowned global organization World Economic Forum. In 2000, he was selected as one of the top 25 Asia’s Digital Elites by the Asia Week magazine. Dr. Lo has held numerous Government appointments during his career and is currently a member of the Cyberport Advisory Panel and a Member of the Hospital Governing Committee of HK Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service and an Advisory Committee member of Chinese Medicine, Hong Kong Baptist University. Dr. Lo is also at present an Advisor of the Our Hong Kong Foundation and a Board Governor of the HK Adventist Hospital Member of Shantou People’s Political Consultative Conference.

Dr Lo serves as an independent non-executive director on the board of several publicly listed companies in HK over the years, current portfolio including Television Broadcasts Ltd (SEHK: 511), CSI Properties Ltd (SEHK:497), JingRui Holdings Ltd (SEHK:1862), Oshidori International Holdings Limited (HKSE:622) and OCI International Holdings Limited (HKSE:329). He is also an independent non-executive director of U.S.NASDAQ listed Regencell Bioscience Holdings Limited (NASDAQ:RGC).Recently, Dr Lo has been invited by the United Nations ESCAP to lead a task force for its Sustainable Business Network Committee to look at financial inclusion leveraging fintech in the region.


1. Mr Vian Lee, Founder & CEO, IPC Group and PicoLabb Wellness

Vian LiVian Li is an inventor and entrepreneur naturally evolved from his vast experience in Electronic engineering, Quantum Physics, Naturopathic medicine, Bio-Physics, Acupuncture, Information Technology, Computer Engineering and Civil engineering. As a young student in 1993, he received the highest accolades for the best thesis project in Australia from both the IEE and SECV for his invention of the spherical induction motor. Being a product developer for over 26 years, Vian developed and produced over 250 models of professional healthcare, electronic and acoustic equipment for the US, European and Asian markets. He has obtained more than 15 patents and created over 100 inventions in the last 30 years. Since 2007, Vian is the Founder CEO and Chief Scientist of his company, focusing with his team on providing cost effective and instant solutions for solving many health and environmental problems.


2. Mr Stephen Lam,  Founder & CEO, Digital Oasis
Stephen LamStephen Lam is a product creator and entrepreneur. During his product design & development career, he has created many innovative consumer electronic products, most of his products are adopted by international companies. Understand products are getting more complex, yet users are expecting more simplicity, Stephen & his team of experienced designers and engineers focus not only on cosmetic designs but also on technical solutions, finding new ways for humanity to interact with technology. Stephen owned more than 30 different patents including invention, application & design patents, and his products are already sold in more than 20 countries worldwide.


3. Professor Tim Woo, HKUST School of Engineering

This panel will showcase and discuss some examples of how latest advancement of engineering and technology has created some recent products in the wellness and healthcare market to help improving the quality of life of people. These alternative approaches and products mostly have been researched and developed locally in Hong Kong. With proven track records in sales and customer feedbacks, these products have helped people from a lessening of chronic pain to reversing chronic diseases such as diabetes and eczema as well as countering the problem of tinnitus and hearing which could be linked to Alzheimer’s Disease. We will also discuss how STEM education is pivotal to development of future technology to improve our quality of life.