1 Nov 2022 (Tue) (Day 1)
S422 BreakPresentation/Tutorial Sessions

Lunch Break

Presentation/Tutorial SessionsBreakPresentation/Tutorial Sessions
S425Refreshment Room
S426 BreakPresentation/Tutorial SessionsLunch BreakPresentation/Tutorial SessionsBreakPresentation/Tutorial Sessions
S427Day 1 OpeningBreakPresentation/Tutorial SessionsLunch BreakPresentation/Tutoria SessionsBreakPresentation/Tutorial Sessions
S428 BreakDeep Learning Tutorial (Prof W.C. Siu)Lunch BreakDeep Learning Tutorial (Prof W.C. Siu)BreakDeep Learning Tutorial (Prof W.C. Siu)
S429 BreakPresentation/Tutorial SessionsLunch BreakWIE on MentorHerBreakPresentation/Tutorial Sessions
S430TENCON Office
S226 BreakPresentation/Tutorial SessionsLunch BreakPresentation/Tutorial SessionsBreakPresentation/Tutorial Sessions
S227 BreakPresentation/Tutorial SessionsLunch BreakPresentation/Tutorial SessionsBreakPresentation/Tutorial Sessions

2 Nov 2022 (Wed) (Day 2)
S421 TENCON 2022 Opening CeremonyOpening LunchInvited Panel: HEI Presidental RoundtableBreakInvited Panel: Wellness and Quality of Life (Charles Kao Foundation)BreakInvited Panel: Tech-Biz Collaboration (Chartered Management Institute, UK) 
S422   Opening Lunch Presentation/Tutorial SessionsBreakPresentation/Tutorial Sessions
S425Refreshment Room
S426   Opening Lunch Presentation/Tutorial SessionsBreakPresentation/Tutorial Sessions
S427   Opening Lunch   Presentation/Tutorial Sessions
S428   Opening Lunch   Presentation/Tutorial Sessions
S429   Opening Lunch   Presentation/Tutorial Sessions
S430TENCON Office
S226   Opening Lunch Presentation/Tutorial SessionsBreakPresentation/Tutorial Sessions
S227   Opening Lunch    R10 Workshop: Education Activities (Prof Preeti Bajaj, R10 EAC Chair)

TENCON 2022 Opening Ceremony
  • Welcoming messages and introduction of conference programme by Dr Paulina Chan and Professor Kenneth Wong
  • Address by IEEE President & CEO, Professor KJ Ray Liu
  • Opening Speech by R10 Director Deepak Mathur
  • Declaration of TENCON “22 Opening & Group Photo
  • Opening Keynote Address by Professor Vincent WS Chan, MIT
  • Commencement of TENCON“22
Moderator: Paul Y S Cheung

3 Nov 2022 (Thu) (Day 3)
S421Keynote: BATS: To Reach Where Optical Fiber and 5G Cannot (Prof Raymond Yeung)BreakInvited Speaker: Lucus Hui (ASTRI)Next Generation of Semiconductor R&D (Invited Speaker: Peter Ng. ASMPT)Lunch BreakInvited ASMPT Commercialization TrackBreakKeynote Enterpreneurial Insights: Metaverse Landscape and Outlook (Dr Yu Yuan)Invited Panel: Metaverse Landscape & Outlook (Dr Yu Yuan) Bus departs at 18:00 to JW Marriott HotelIEEE Hong Kong 50th Anniversary Gala, Awards and Recognitions at JW Marriott Htoel
S422Invited Advanced Photonics WorkshopBreakInvited Advanced Photonics WorkshopLunch BreakInvited Advanced Photonics WorkshopBreakInvited Advanced Photonics Workshop
S425Refreshment Room 
S426Registration (Pre-University)Opening (Pre-University) Pre-University STEM Student Forum
S427 Pre-University STEM Student Forum 
S428  BreakInvited R10 Professional Services Seminar (Invited Speaker: Prof ParkashLohana, R10 PAC Chair)Invited R10 Humanitarian Sustainable Projects Panel (Prof Jing Dong)Lunch BreakT10: Sustainable $ Social Impact - Building Sustainable Power Systems: Innovative Ideas from Female ResearchersBreakInvited ASMPT Commercialization Panel Discussion (ASTRI, HKSTP)
S429  BreakIEEE Standard 2668 Session - IoT Index (KF Tsang)IEEE Standard 3141 Session - 3D Body Processing (Kevin Lam)Lunch BreakInvited Panel: Role of Women in Communications (Prof Baek-Young Choi, ComSoc WICE Chair)Break   
S430TENCON Office
S222  BreakPresentation/Tutorial SessionsLunch BreakPresentation/Tutorial SessionsBreakPresentation/Tutorial Sessions
S223  BreakPresentation/Tutorial SessionsLunch BreakPresentation/Tutorial SessionsBreakPresentation/Tutorial Sessions
S224  BreakPresentation/Tutorial SessionsLunch BreakPresentation/Tutorial SessionsBreakPresentation/Tutorial Sessions
S225  Break Lunch BreakDeep Learning Tutorial (Prof W.C. Siu)BreakDeep Learning Tutorial (Prof W.C. Siu)
S226  BreakPresentation/Tutorial SessionsLunch BreakPresentation/Tutorial SessionsBreakPresentation/Tutorial Sessions
S227  BreakPresentation/Tutorial SessionLunch BreakPresentation/Tutorial SessionBreakPresentation/Tutorial Session
S228  BreakInvited Talk (Huawei Tech. Investment Co. Ltd.)Lunch Break BreakInvited China Mobile Hong Kong Panel Discussion
S229  BreakPresentation/Tutorial SessionLunch BreakPresentation/Tutorial SessionBreakPresentation/Tutorial Session
S230  Break Lunch Break Break 

4 Nov 2022 (Fri) (Day 4)
S221 BreakPoster SessionLunchPre University Event (Closing Ceremony)TENCON Closing Ceremony
S222Refreshment room
S224Pre-University EventBreakPre University EventLunch BreakPresentation/Tutorial Sessions 
S225Pre-University EventBreakPre-University EventLunch BreakPresentation/Tutorial Sessions 
S226 Break Planet Positive 2030 Series Hong Kong Panel Discussion (Dr Maike Luiken)Lunch breakPresentation/Tutorial Sessions 
S227 Break  Lunch BreakPresentation/Tutorial Sessions 
S228 Break  Lunch BreakPresentation/Tutorial Sessions 
S229 Break  Lunch BreakPresentation/Tutorial Sessions 
S230 Break  Lunch break