After successfully running several student conferences in the past few years, the IEEE is proud to invite students to present their project work at the IEEE Regional Conference, TENCON-2022, on the 1st to 4th November 2022.

There will be two student activities at TENCON: The Young Engineers 2022 (YE-22) and the Pre-University Student Forum. This document invites schools and students to attend and present in this regional event. These student activities are organized by the Consumer Technology and Oceanic Engineering Societies (CTOES) Joint Chapter in Hong Kong.

Why run a student conference?

Technology is ever-changing. Students nowadays have ready access to a large amount of information that can be obtained instantly on the internet. Furthermore, the ease of availability of inexpensive sensor equipment has allowed students to consider projects that would not have been possible 5 years ago. The knowledge gap between the young learners and the already educated is increasing quickly in a positive direction. But more needs to be done to showcase the work students are doing to offer encouragement and constructive criticism.

Currently entry to post-secondary education and finding employment is more competitive than ever before. Having good grades in high school and university no longer guarantees a good job. Applicants nowadays need to have something extra on top of their studies to stand out during the selection process. Participation in activities like this conference will provide an extra “edge” for the students to help with their studies and career.

More details and the Registration Form can be downloaded below: