TENCON is honored to have a number of invited /special/ panel discussions sessions, to be offered to all participants.  Below is a list of all these sessions:

Tue, Nov 110:30-12:20S428Invited Talks: IEEE Hong Kong Section 50th Anniversary (I)
Tue, Nov 114:00-15:30S428Invited Talks: IEEE Hong Kong Section 50th Anniversary (II)
Tue, Nov 114:00-15:30S429R10 WIE MentorHer Graduation Panel
Wed, Nov 213:30-14:30S421Invited Panel: HEI Presidential Roundtable
Wed, Nov 214:45-15:45S421Invited Panel: Wellness and Quality of Life
Wed, Nov 216:00-17:00S421Invited Panel: Tech-Biz Collaboration: Leadership and Management
Wed, Nov 215:00-18:00S227R10 Workshop: Education Activities by Prof Preeti Bajaj, R10 EAC Chair
Thu, Nov 310:30-11:30S421Applied Research to Help Society in Past, Present and Future
Invited Speaker: Lucus Hui, ASTRI
Thu, Nov 311:30-12:30S421Next Generation of Semiconductor R&D
Invited Speaker: Dr. Li Ming and Peter Ng, ASMPT
Thu, Nov 314:00-15:30S421Invited ASMPT Commercialization Track
Thu, Nov 314:45-17:45S421Invited Panel: Metaverse Landscape & Outlook
Speaker: Yu Yuan
Thu, Nov 309:00-18:00S422Invited Advanced Photonics Workshop
Thu, Nov 310:30-11:30S428Invited R10 Professional Services Seminar
Thu, Nov 311:30-12:30S428Invited R10 Humanitarian Sustainable Projects Panel
Prof Jing Dong
Thu, Nov 316:00-18:00S428Invited ASMPT Commercialization Panel Discussion
Thu, Nov 310:30-11:30S429Panel Discussion: IEEE P2668 for Industry – Lift Monitoring / Internet of Things
Thu, Nov 311:30-12:30S429Panel Discussion: IEEE P3141 3D Body Applications In ApparelIEEE Standard 3141 Session - 3D Body Processing
Thu Nov 314:00*15:30S429Invited Panel: Roles and Vision of Women in Tech-Biz Collaboration
Thu, Nov 314:00-18:00S225Deep Learning Tutorial
Thu, Nov 310:30-12:30S228Invited Session: Challenging Research Problems in Huawei Theory Lab
by Huawei Hong Kong Research Center
Thu, Nov 316:00-18:00S228Invited Session: 5G Empowers Smart Living (China Mobile Hong Kong)
Fri, Nov 411:15-12:30S226Planet positive 2030 Series Hong Kong Panel Discussion
Dr Maike Luiken