Date:Tuesday, 1st November 2022
Time:14:00 - 15.30
Place:S428, Hong Kong convention and exhibition centre
Professor Kwai Man Luk, PhD FIEEE FREng FHKEngMagneto‐electric dipole antennas
Professor Hong Ki Tsang, PhD, FIEEE, Optica FellowSilicon Photonics: An Introduction
Professor H. Anthony Chan, PhD, FIEEENetwork standards and collaboration in human life
Professor Wan‐Chi Siu, PhD, DIC, Life‐FIEEEGolden Opportunity for using Signal Processing Techniques in Deep Learning Advancement
Dr. Paulina Chan, PhD (Imperial), DIC, MBA(Lon), SrMIEEE, CMgr, CCMIInherited a rich legacy, we are rising towards new challenges